News and Updates

  • 27/12/2018

    What would you do if you had to choose between your own safety and your economic security? What if breaking your silence cost you hundreds of thousands of shekels?

  • Genesis Awardees

    The Center for Women's Justice is honored and ecstatic to have been awarded the Genesis Prize! This award--known as the "Jewish Nobel Prize"--was granted to CWJ for the inroads we've made revolutionizing women's rights in marriage and divorce in Israel.

  • Knesset

    A little over half a year ago, CWJ attorney Nitzan Caspi Shilony presented a position paper to the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee warning about the dangers of the controversial Nation State bill. After extensive deliberation by the Knesset, we’re relieved to see that they have stricken one of the most problematic sections of the bill!