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  • Tzviya is free

    On Monday June 4th, we made history—in the course of the life of one woman, in the course of CWJ’s achievements and in the course of the State of Israel. After trying to obtain a get (bill of religious divorce) from her husband for 23 years—for 18 of which, he has sat in prison—Tzviya Gorodetsky is a free woman.

  • girls with matza

    Did you hear about how our Health Minister instructed state hospitals to inspect all visitors for hametz on Passover? In the spirit of the holiday, we ask ourselves:
    What would the 4 daughters of the Passover Seder ask?

  • Aliza Lavie

    Israel wants to extend the rabbinic courts' jurisdiction globally so that non-citizens would be subject to its sanctions and rulings. This move is being heralded as a lifesaver for agunot, chained women whose husbands refuse to grant them a religious divorce.