Susan Weiss introduces CWJ litigation approach at bar association conference


Some 150 family law attorneys learned about CWJ’s pioneering and effective strategy of civil damage claims for get refusal at a conference on family law held by the Tel Aviv Bar Association in Eilat. CWJ director Dr. Susan Weiss was invited to present the tactic at a panel discussion at the conference, as a direct result of CWJ’s partnership with the Israel Bar Association on the CWJ Legal Education initiative.

The session focused on civil damage cases in family law. The chair of the session stated that Weiss and CWJ held the “copyright” on a unique and powerful approach that had “changed the legal map” in Israel by countering get refusal and abuse.  

Although only 10% of the audience raised their hands when Weiss asked who was using CWJ’s strategy, she found ample anecdotal evidence that this tactic is becoming widespread. Sharing a cab with two family court judges on the way to the event, she learned that each had ruled in several damage suits for get refusal.