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Even as global societies trend toward democracy and freedom of expression, broad areas still exist where religious rule translates into human rights abuses directed against women.

For almost 10 years, the Center for Women’s Justice has been a prominent force in promoting impactful and lasting civil responses to these types of injustices in Israel.  Our success is rooted in our effective legal advocacy, creative litigation, far-reaching public awareness campaigns, and collaborative activity with like-minded partners.    

Above all, we believe that change begins with knowledge.

That’s why our Online Resource Center is dedicated to bringing you the information you need to better understand the issues, and the resources that can help you meet complex challenges.

Find out about:

  • Women, State & Religion*:  Access to relevant essays and materials
  • Prenuptial Agreements:  Prenuptial agreements are increasingly being used by Jewish couples as an effective means to prevent get recalcitrance if the marriage fails. Download CWJ’s Contract for a just and fair marriage and find links to other prenuptial agreements
  • Glossary: a layman’s introduction to key concepts and issues that come into play
  • Savta Bikorta videos: CWJ’s "Savta Bikorta" ("Grandmother Critic") YouTube video series reveal the inside story of what happens behind the closed doors of the rabbinic courts. Watch the videos; hear the chilling tales.


* This section to be officially launched in spring 2014