Life can become an inescapable nightmare for women victimized by rabbinic policies and rulings. CWJ’s services respond to this unfair reality by creating systemic solutions that give women lasting recourse and options.

We handle rights infringement cases for women including: agunot, who are anchored indefinitely to failed marriages by recalcitrant husbands who refuse to deliver a religious bill of divorce (get); women whose conversions are repealed by rabbinic courts; and those whose children are blacklisted as mamzerim (children born of a woman’s extramarital relationship) and forbidden from marrying other Jews for generations.

Our services include:

  • Legal representation – We represent and file civil suits for women facing situations of rabbinic court abuse as well as for the legal professionals who represent them.
  • Consultation – We provide professional consultation for women facing situations of rabbinic court abuse, and the legal professionals who represent them.
  • Prenuptial counseling – We work to prevent get refusal situations by advising engaged couples about available prenuptial agreements, including CJW’s own Prenuptial Agreement for Mutual Respect.
  • Legal education for attorneys –Our educational seminars train legal professionals across Israel to effectively use CWJ’s pioneering strategy of filing civil damage claims in get refusal cases.
  • Online Resource Center – CWJ’s new website provides“how-to” information for lawyers.  It also provides essential resources for women facing rabbinic court proceedings.
  • Petitioning the Supreme Court – We file petitions in Israel’s highest court against religious policies and regulations that clash with the principles of democracy.
  • Public education and outreach – CWJ informs the public about the current status quo and the need for change through media campaigns, lectures and seminars.
  • Publications – CWJ publishes important resources for attorneys and the general public.