Who We Are

Established in 2004, the Center for Women’s Justice (CWJ) is a recognized leader in the struggle to end injustices perpetrated against women in the name of religion. In Israel, where there are two government-funded court systems—civil and rabbiniconly rabbinic courts can decide matters concerning marriage and divorce. CWJ is first to recognize strategic opportunities to intercede ripe with potential to make a difference. Our pioneering legal solutions address the problems that occur when policies and rulings of Israel’s rabbinic establishment violate the basic rights of women to equality and self-determination.

CWJ employs a three-pronged approach to bring about lasting social change that benefits all Israeli women:

Legal advocacy:

In civil courts, we set legal precedents, which are forcing a reluctant State to stand up to rabbinic courts and protect women’s rights. Our signature legal strategy enables women to sue their husbands for compensatory damages for the harm caused by get refusal.

Professional training for attorneys:

We provide resources and instruction which enable attorneys to successfully apply CWJ’s innovative legal methodologies on behalf of clients facing conflicts with the rabbinate.

Community outreach

We reinforce the effects of our precedent-setting activities by educating the public about harmful rabbinic practices and the civil actions that are available to counter them.  



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